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Exhibition catalogue of the first European retrospective of Zhang Huan, sculptor and performer, who was born in the Province of Henan. Exhibition: PAC (Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea) Museum, Milan, Italy, (July 7 - September 15, 2010).

One of the most recognized artists both in China and in the West, and capable of creating aesthetic links between the two cultures, Zhang Huan was born in the province of Henan and lived in New York from 1998 to 2005 before moving to Shanghai in 2005 before moving to Shanghai in 2006. This book brings together 42 of his works from major collections around the world. These works all have as points of reference Buddhist spirituality and the rituals of Chinese tradition. It highlights the versatility of Zhang Huan, starting with his performances in the early 1990s up to his most recent works, where he uses the ash from incense burnt in the temples and places of prayer in and around Shanghai. Berlin Buddha is a fascinating piece with the ash that gradually decomposes and dissolves into nature, depending on the environment in which it is placed. The works of Zhang Huan offer a new and fresh look at contemporary China and the impact on its most ancient traditions. Huan gives another reading to these traditions in light of the unstoppable economic development and various challenges of modern day China.

Contents: Reflections on Ash: a collective soul Zhang Huan and Elena Geuna in conversation Zhang Huan and the Human Condition, The Story of Semele The Ascetic Artist: Zhang Huan Biography, exhibitions and list of works

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Hardcover; 160 pages
Milan: 24 Ore Cultura, 2010
ISBN: 9788871796420