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Nigel Cooke's dark and melancholic paintings allegorize creativity and existential dramas of thought. In this volume, he turns his considerable talents to the written word. The collection includes a series of short, fresh reflections on contemporary art and culture, as well as longer discursions on the work of Francis Bacon, Ansel Krut and George Condo. In an extended text, titled "The Ambivalence of the Undead, or the Nature of Painting's Essence," Cooke engages with the narratives of painting's supposed historical death in a masterfully handled and wide-ranging argument. The artist offers unique insights into the work of other painters, and the practice and theory of painting, while admirers of Cooke's painting will find the book sheds a fascinating new light on his own work.

Physical description: 
Hardcover; 230 pages
New York: Andrea Rosen Gallery, 2012
ISBN: 9780615590127