Yoshitomo Nara: A Bit Like You and Me...

$ 85.00

A catalogue of the exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art, the Aomori Museum of Art and the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, this book covers new work by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, known for his curious depictions of pastel-hued children drawn with cartoonish lines and a refined arrangement of colored planes. They have a variety of expressions: some appear defiant and aggressive while others seem melancholic or contemplative. Behind their outwardly cute appearance lies the suggestion of a strong will and inexplicable emotions, reminders of the depth of human psychology within the deceptively simple subject matter. Paintings, drawings and sculptures fill the pages; includes texts by the artist and curator.

Physical description: 
Softcover; 141 pages
Kyoto: Foil, 2012
ISBN: 9784902943740
Cover image: © 2012 Yoshitomo Nara