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"Japanese artist Nishi Tatzu, who has been based in Cologne, Germany, since 1987, has a reputation for creating audacious and often humorous projects in public spaces. In the past, he has constructed temporary rooms and even houses around existing outdoor objects, like streetlights or monuments. Passersby are invited inside the rooms and given the mind-spinning experience of viewing, for example, a streetlight, a sculpture or even the roof of a car, within a completely artificial, indoor setting. He has also converted a freight container into a functioning cafe, suspending it in midair from a crane to give patrons a rather precarious aerial view of their town." Mori Art Musuem press release about the exhibition, 2007.

This is the catalogue published to accompany the exhibition at the Mori Art Museum, Jul. 11 - Sept. 24, 2007.

Physical description: 

Paperback; 71 pages
Tokyo: Mori Art Museum, 2007
ISBN: 9784902819168