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Hotel Sequence is a deceptively small series of poems, an extended sprawl punctuated with photos blitzed out by the flash. A hesitant effort of relational exploration. Always starting. Always stopping. Turner’s efforts take us along for the ride to six anonymous motels exploring the physical and emotional space between each. Here, the weather is hot and the bodies cool. The rooms unremarkable, specific only in their lack, each occupied by couples getting caught on the edges of the other. This coupling, this togetherness reinforces the synchronous pretense of two different vocabularies - investment and disinterest - in every exchange, as the self inflicted disappointments emerge, the pleasures taken in the wounding of oneself and others. By the end, Turner possess you, and somehow makes it attractive to be possessed. 

- Camille Weiner

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Softcover, 88 pages
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ISBN: 9791095948018
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