Alexander Tovborg: The Church

$ 30.00

Alexander Tovborg: The Church follows the artist’s eponymous exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2023), in which Tovborg investigated the mysteries and paradoxes of faith, as well as the power of images. Through the photographs taken by visual artist Mishael Fapohunda, the immersive and sacred atmosphere of the space, architecturally shaped on the model of a church according to Tovborg’s own interpretation of Christian iconography, is vividly captured. The book includes a conversation between the artist and curator and writer Francesca Astesani, delving into the themes of spirituality, iconography, and tracing how the sacred has always played a central role in Tovborg’s practice and life.

With texts by Alexander Tovborg and Francesca Astesani. Photographed by Mishael Fapohunda. Edited and designed by Åbäke,

Softcover, 108 pages
Milan: Mousse Publishing, 2023
ISBN 9788867496099
9 x 10 inches