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Luxurious set of three books dedicated to the series of monumental paintings Left Behind , ambitious work, developed over a decade, with which Jim Shaw stands between fantasy and satire - behind the huge tribute to painting and culture General - a powerful critical load against the rhetoric and ideology of neoliberal society, suddenly encrypted pictures and saturated with information that plays with the ambiguity of language and signs.

The large canvases made ​​from the series of stage sets Left Behind began in 2004, belong to the artist Jim Shaw a real struggle against the propagandists excesses of American society, especially against political ideologies, religious and economic factors that have underpinned the rise of neoliberalism. To respond, the artist develops a rich iconography criticism made ​​borrowing and unique reinterpretations of the history of art, media, and images of the consumer society.

The series Left Behind was the subject of a major exhibition in the nave of the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux from May to September 2010. Through lavish illustrations, unpublished texts by Jim Shaw and a set of rich contributions this kit, consisting of three books, provides a broad overview of this cycle of paintings and enlighten the reader on a work both encyclopedic and visually captivating. A third book illustrating the many sources of inspiration of the artist accompanies this set.

Published following the eponymous exhibition at the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, May to September 2010.

Texts : Charlotte Laubard, John Miller, Jim Shaw, John Welchman.
Graphics : Lorraine Wild & Victor Hu, Green Dragon Office, Los Angeles, CA. Distribution: Les presses du réel.

Physical description: 
Paperback; 3 volumes;  96 + 160 + 176 pages
Bordeaux: CAPC Musée d'Art Contemporain, 2012
ISBN: 9782840664925