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'Hollywood Medieval' is Sterling's musical interpretation, alternately sonorous, industrial, stark and shimmering, of Los Angeles as seen through the eyes of a European. The title describes an experience of the duality between hyper-modernity and the past, as it might be caught in an anachronistic feedback loop. The music becomes a literal representation of this: harpsichords and dislocated choral motifs are played by algorithmic sequencers, stacked upon layers of synthesiser arpeggios. The mood is nostalgic and melancholy, futuristic and optimistic, just like the ever-shifting and recalibrating city itself. Sterling’s departure from scoring films, 'Hollywood Medieval' aims to be its own narrative, painting a Ballardian tableaux of the city of angels.

'Hollywood Medieval' is Sterling’s first solo record, and marks both a consolidation of his noted formalist interests and a development of his previous acclaimed work as a film composer, arranger and collaborator. Originally educated and trained in Jazz composition and double bass at Leeds College of Music, he then relocated to Los Angeles to study film scoring at UCLA. Whilst scoring for film and making the gradual shift from a purely acoustic realm to that of the electronic, Sterling's exploration of Los Angeles, its vastness and strangeness, became an urgent and compelling influence on both his music and life. 'Hollywood Medieval' is an enfolding and deeply felt account of this transition.

The cover of 'Hollywood Medieval' features a photomontage, She Who Gives Birth To The Three Worlds, by Linder.

Previously, Maxwell Sterling has collaborated with British fashion designer Christopher Shannon on music (or soundtracks?) for various catwalk shows including The Comfort And The Horror AW16 installation at Alison Jacques Gallery, London. Sterling has also collaborated with, and written arrangements for, James Ferraro's Burning Prius at Chateau Shatto gallery, LA; composed a five hour score for Linder's Destination Moon. You must not look at her! for the inaugural Art Night at the ICA; composed the score for the Children Of The Mantic Stain ballet for the British Art Show 8; collaborated with Friedrich Kunath on You Go Your Way, And I’ll Go Crazy; as well as writing over 30 film scores, most recently A Girl Like Grace, featuring Raven Symoné and Ty Hodges.

Physical description:
LP version with artwork by Linder
Edition of 500 copies

Track listing: 

1. Hollywood Medieval
2. Feeling Without Meaning
3. Your Last Cadenza
4. 50 Dollar Curse Removal
5. Synthetic Beach
6. Hollywood Medieval Pt II
7. Funeral For A Building