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A remastered 2xCD edition of Nue au Soleil (Complètement), the definitive anthology by cult Manchester experimental group Ludus, featuring Linder Sterling and Ian Devine.

Recorded between 1978 and 1983, Nue au Soleil combines tracks from the albums Pickpocket, The Seduction and Danger Came Smiling along with stand-alone singles such as The Visit, Mother's Hour, Nue au Soleil and Breaking the Rules. Closing track I Don't Want To Go is a previously unreleased demo from 1978.

Physical description:
2xCD set packaged in 6 panel digipack with a 12 page booklet
Crépuscule, 2017 

Disc 1:

1. How High Does the Sky Go?
2. My Cherry Is In Sherry
3. Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go
4. Howling Comique
5. Nue Au Soleil
6. She-She
7. What a Falling Off Was There
8. The Escape Artist
9. Breaking the Rules
10. The Fool
11. See the Keyhole
12. Mother's Hour
13. I Can't Swim I Have Nightmares
14. Hugo Blanco
15. Little Girls
16. I Don't Want To Go
17. Rosa Luxemburg
18. Recognition

Disc 2:

1. Vagina Gratitude (Peel)
2. Covenant (Peel)
3. Wrapped In Silence (Peel)
4. Too Hot To Handle (Peel)
5. Breaking the Rules (live)
6. Mirror Mirror (live)
7. Nue au Soleil (live)
8. Wrapped In Silence (live)
9. Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go (live)
10. Little Girls (live)
11. Too Hot to Handle (live)