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Published for the Guggenheim's 2011 retrospective on Lee Ufan (born 1936), "Marking Infinity" charts the Korean artist and theorist's creation of a visual and conceptual language that has greatly expanded the possibilities of painting and sculpture in the postwar era. Whether placing brush marks on canvas or combining discrepant textures of steel and stone, Lee has consistently elicited the subtlest and most spacious effects from the particular qualities of his materials. Lee is also a key theorist of Mono-ha, a movement that developed in Tokyo in the late 1960s, and this hardcover volume includes a selection of his influential writings on aesthetics and philosophy, published in English for the first time--alongside a wealth of full-color reproductions of Lee's iconic paintings, sculptures and works on paper from the past 40 years.

Physical description: 

Hardcover; 199 pages
New York: Guggenheim, 2011
ISBN: 9780892074181